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About Us

Christina Harvey-Ewusi is a renowned Ghanaian fashion and creative designer based in the United States. She is the owner and C.E.O of Twena Fashions, a remarkable fashion industry making airwaves globally in the fashion world.Specialising in African wear and using authentic rooted African fabric, Twena fashions has been able to showcase Africa as a potential goldmine for the fashion industry. With its unique blend of subtle African cultural oriented theme and artistic masterpiece,products from Twena fashions is distinctly classy. Their rich crispy catchy colours, exclusive cut and style has been the toast of many fashion and catwalk lovers.
Christy, a stylist began her fashion and creative designing at the tender age of 7 where she put a twist to whatever she was made to wear. While growing up she engaged in numerous activities to do with creative design and was recognized by receipts of awards through her childhood.
In high school she designed her own clothes  and spent time grooming her school mates, redesigning their clothes and also engaged in fine art as a subject in the school curriculum. Extremely talented in creativity and designs Christy worked as an interior decorator and make-up artist in her teens and is well known in her community and beyond for her hard work and talent in fashion design. As a fashion Consultant, she's been a rock for quite a huge number of fashion businesses including models and designers who have relied on her expert advice to develop their industry. Christy's prowess in the art of fashion design is the inspiration behind Twena Fashion, the company that represent fashion.